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Pets and bushfires – what do we know?

How pets affect people's behaviour in a bushfire

All of tonight’s information was great. Down to earth information and good questions

Collaborate with neighbors in planning to evacuate especially if there is a variety or large number of pets

Learning the terms lovestock and livestock has helped clarify our approach

A very good reminder about the reality of bushfires and motivation to update our plan and get moving on these things

Preparation for moving pets, practising, having crates, deciding which are to go and detailed in the plan

The emotional connection people have with pets

Take-home message for me is about making preparedness part of our normal life, and not just something to be thought about just prior to summer

Honest and frank answers by both presenters

The idea of providing dedicated yards with an independent sprinkler system

Plan well ahead and share planning with family

Responses being sent straight away by BRI’s webinar team.

2023 Webinar 1

7.30-9.00pm AEST Wed 9 August

Get practical, best practice information about preparing, managing and caring for your pets before, during and after a fire.

  • Dr Mel Taylor, Macquarie University
  • Dr Rachel Westcott, South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management Inc
Webinar Summary

This presentation explores the critical aspects of planning and preparing for pets and animals during a bushfire. The speakers included a social scientist and a veterinarian emphasized the emotional bond between humans and their animals and draw on research and experiences from past disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Black Summer bushfires.

Key points include individual responsibility for pets during emergencies, research insights into human-animal behavior, lessons from past events influencing policy changes, and the significance of the human-animal bond in decision-making.

The presentation provides practical tips for preparing and evacuating with various types of animals, considering transportation, alternative plans, and post-event impacts. It also discusses the One Health concept, highlighting the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. The veterinarian speaker stressed the importance of regular health check-ups, building relationships with local veterinary services, and maintaining an emergency supply of medications.

The discussion extends to wildlife care, emphasizing the use of technology for accurate location information. Precautions for evacuating less common pets are addressed, with specific recommendations for various animals, such as goats, fish, horses and livestock. The speakers delve into psychological and emotional aspects of deciding which animals to evacuate and stress the importance of family communication.

The presentation concludes with advice on finding temporary accommodations for pets during evacuations, emphasizing networking and preparedness. The overall message encourages proactive planning, effective communication, and collaboration to ensure the safety and well-being of both common and less common pets during bushfire events.

Key Segments

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Panel Session

Q & A Session

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