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Gas bottles & cylinders

In a fire 9-60kg gas bottles can turn into a flame thrower or a bomb. Installing them securely could save your home.

The storage and location of gas bottles is always an ever-present issue.

It is absolutely imperative to prevent these gas bottles from falling over under any circumstances.

Gas bottles, when heated, will flare gas from its pressure relief valve which is typically in the direction opposite to the hose inlet into the gas cylinder. This helps to lower its pressure and cool the gas bottle.

If a gas bottle is on its side and continues to be heated, the vent will not flare gas properly and it will build up an intense pressure and possibly explode, with an earth-shattering explosion that will take out windows for a perimeter of upwards of 50m. So, it itself can compromise many houses simply by going off.

The key elements in storing gas bottles safely - on a stable surface chained with a metal chain to a metal upright system that is concreted into the ground. If whatever structure they're placed near or against fell on that gas bottle, it would not be pushed over.

You really need to consider the appropriate location. What is put immediately around the gas bottle could represent a significant heat load. As the gas bottle heats up it will flare, with flares many metres long, typically horizontal, particularly from 9-60kg range bottles, and that might be onto a road, a neighbour's house, it might be directly at your house.

The larger the gas bottle and the more full it is, the longer it needs to be heated before it could possibly flare

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