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How to harden and existing house. Actions you can take to protect your home.
Webinar Thursday 5 November 2020
Dr Justin Leonard, CSIRO

I’ve spent roughly 26 years delving into the nooks and crannies of how to improve our houses in the wake of bushfires.

In terms of a bushfire itself, we do a unique thing and actually study bushfires from the perspective of the house. So, what is it like to experience a bushfire from the house's perspective? And, I guess once you put that lens on, you start to imagine what experiential processes this house will experience, and what are the mechanisms and processes of how it might respond to those things.

Got a house complying with regulations (Australian Standard 3959)? Learn about the many issues the regulations ignore.

What actions can you take to reduce fire attack risks?

We know how houses are attacked by a bushfire. If you take action to prevent ember entry then more houses and people will survive.

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Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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