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Reduce your house and property risk

Webinar provided the rare opportunity to listen to and seek advice from an expert in the area of house bushfire risk mitigation

Fantastic session. We are new owners in a bushfire zone. Such great info

Justin supports his points with good examples of practical ways that we can reduce bushfire risk, and explains these well along with good photos

Type of glass installed will have a major bearing on the windows ability to resist radiant heat

Knowledge of the presenter was fantastic

Presented calmly and thoughtfully and most importantly based on evidence

So valuable and difficult to obtain from usual sources

How unsatisfactory roof tiles are under ember attack

All of it was helpful. The lived experience, case scenario examples and photos always help to embed the information

Wheelie bins may be a significant hazard that must be dealt with

Simple low cost things to do to protect house’  ‘Most changes are very achievable

Complexities of mulch was a high point

Preventative measures and tips to protect the property against ember attack

Checklist provided additional avenues that I hadn't considered when assessing my property’s risk

The threats that occur with every fire

information about surface fire and wind debris which I was not previously aware of

2021 Series Webinar 1

7.30pm Wednesday 21 July 2021

Presenter: Justin Leonard CSIRO

  • Dr Justin Leonard, CSIRO
Key Segments

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
Proudly sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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