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Your sheltering options

This was the most focused info on sheltering that I’ve ever encountered

Realisation that even though I intend to leave I still need to plan for the situation that I don't leave and may need to defend and I may also need to shelter

Don’t rely on official warnings. Make decisions on your knowledge of weather, fire behaviour, environment etc

The panellists were able to provide data based on hard research and experience

Find the space nearest the doorway to exit - not in the bathroom

You can get 'lost' in your own home because of the dense acrid smoke and the darkness

Hearing practical examples to explain a point and to learn from the experience of others

Multiple shelter options need to be considered

Staying to defend and sheltering in the house you need to monitor what is happening around you

The woman lost in her own garden was also telling

Malcolm’s anecdote of lived wisdom

Statistics of where people who survived sheltered in comparison with those who did not e.g. residential building, car, water body etc

Need to plan for safe exits. possibility of things going wrong & preparing for the unexpected

I hadn't thought about where to shelter, or what might provide me with protection if I got caught in a fire storm

The vehicle is an option as long as you have woollen blankets and water

The disorientating affect of smoke, roaring fire and screeching smoke alarms

It was up to each person to make up their own mind what to do, not wait to be told by a third party

2021 Series Webinar 5

7.30pm Wednesday 15 September 2021

Our expert panel includes Dr Raphaele Blanchi CSIRO, Dr Katharine Haynes University of Wollongong and Dr Chloe Begg CFA.

  • Dr Raphaele Blanchi, CSIRO
  • Dr Katharine Haynes, University of Wollongong
  • Dr Chloe Begg, CFA
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Panel Session

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Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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