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Horses and bushfire – what do we know?

It was all absolutely fantastic. Great speakers from great backgrounds, very informative. Hearing life experiences was insightful

The variety of knowledgeable people - everything from the psychological to the practical, plus actual fire experiences

I learnt from my previous experience, and part if my plan is to have my float packed before Dec 1 ready with feed, water, rugs etc and I have a plan if we can't evacuate

From a Pony Club point of view we have a lot of families who agist locally in bush areas. There is need to increase their awareness and look at what our club grounds could offer as a refuge area for horses

Often people think anything in the valley is a safer place than being on a ridge top but under really severe conditions the reverse is almost true

Know where is a safe place or several places in different directions. Collect horses early to take to safe place. Store protein food and water in a safe place

The discussion on the problems of agisted horses was stark

How horses behave during a bushfire

Allow for 7 days worth of food and water in case we can't get back to them

Making sure I have clothes and proper safe shoes in my car at all times

Making sure the key to my float lock is kept in a designated spot for family members to grab float and horses if I am unable to get to them

Discussing the property evacuation plan with other horse owners on my property and making sure we are all clear on our evacuation and the plan if we are unable to evacuate

Practising for the situation not in the situation

Info about what to expect during a fire, the need to practise loading in the dark, what to have ready beforehand

Removing horse blankets

Andrew McLean's experience that horses lived together under stress in a confined area for a significant period

Chris's details about where horses are most likely to get burnt

Evacuation of horses takes planning and is tiring

2022 Webinar 1

7:30pm-9:00pm AEST Wednesday 20 July

Does your horse have its bushfire plan sorted?
Every horse needs one, you better help!

  • Dr Kirrilly Thompson, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International
  • Dr Chris Heislers, Veterinarian
  • Dr Kevin Tolhurst AM, University of Melbourne
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