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Building elements

Roofs hate high winds. Bushfires and high winds go together. How do metal and tiled roofs react?

Embers love tiled roofs. All roofs are a vulnerable risk. How do embers get inside the roof space and how can you stop them?

Skylights hate embers. Fibreglass roof sheeting is a disaster waiting to happen. How risky are polycarbonate and fibreglass roof sheeting, skylights and evaporative coolers?

Stairways may provide your only escape route. What are the risks of decks, outside furniture, under deck storage and stairways?

Old school external heavy-set canvas blinds may provide radiant heat protection to windows.

It doesn’t matter how bushfire resistant your home is, it will fail if you store flammable items under it. Of the four types of glass only one is any good when there is a bushfire. You can take action to reduce window failures.

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