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Make better decisions about bushfire risk in our changing climate

Really great comprehensive safety information

The information regarding past bushfires in Nillumbik and Victoria, plus the information of forecasting for 2050, was extremely good

Complacency has no place each year and the preparation of the action plan must be shared between all of family, practised and implemented

Kevin's maps and graphs really brought home that the bushfire season is only getting worse

Liked the evidence-based analysis establishing Nillumbik's existing and future risk

We are in a high bushfire area mostly managed by private land owners. Many factors contribute to house destruction or survival. Many make the mistake of focusing on one

Importance of triggers to leave

Radiant heat – what a killer!

The strategies je provided

I need to prepare a better plan

I now have a better understanding of local and Victorian fire risk

Future years of FDI rating and impact on our environment

The level of fire danger in my area

The risks associated with living where we do and the likelihood of a major event happening

Ensure you have two or three trusted sources of information on any given fire danger day

Take notice of friends/family and local neighbours on social media but always verify with at least one trusted source i.e. CFA social outlets, ABC 774 or TV news

2020 Series Webinar 5

7.30pm Thursday 26 November 2020

Kevin Tolhurst AM, University of Melbourne
Michael Vermeulen, CFA

  • Dr Kevin Tolhurst AM, University of Melbourne
  • Michael Vermeulen, CFA
Key Segments

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
Proudly sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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