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How to harden an existing house

Justin’s talks are superb overall

Hardening against ember attack

That my retaining walls need to be replaced

Gaps, gaps, gaps - keep looking and fixing!

Unsuitability of fibreglass tanks and sheeting

Not to rely on pumps and sprinklers to protect your house

Fire preparedness actions should enable passive defence i.e. not rely on active fire fighting during fire event - too late by then

Performance of polycarbonate sheeting

Fire proof not only your house, but your shed as you will not be able to protect it during a fire

Seal up extremely well every gap and look for ember-gathering locations

What to prioritise is probably my takeaway

Getting your house hardened ahead of bushfire season is important

Thin cement sheet - very detailed and useful

90% failure of petrol water pumps

Roof sarking vulnerability

2020 Series Webinar 2

7.30pm Thursday 5 November 2020

Presenter: Justin Leonard, CSIRO

  • Dr Justin Leonard, CSIRO
Key Segments

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
Proudly sponsored by
Hurstbridge & Eltham Community Bank Branches
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