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Water systems

Water tanks, pumps and sprinklers. Find out more about the numerous choices, strengths and weaknesses.
Webinar Wednesday 4 August 2021
Dr Justin Leonard, CSIRO

I'm looking forward to presenting on water tanks and pumps and spray systems as an augmentation to our protection systems. I guess the challenge with these types of systems is they're active. They're not passive systems like using the right types of materials that aren't affected by fire themselves. And in active systems, there's always the issue of, will they operate, are they reliable, will they work under the conditions

What do you know about water tank failures in a fire? How much fuel can be near a plastic tank? A ruptured plastic or fibreglass tank against a shed or a house is equivalent to driving a car into the side of the structure at about 50km/hr. How much water do you need in a bushfire?

90% of the pumping systems for houses failed during the peak of the event on Black Saturday. How can you protect your water supply when it is needed most?

What do you know about protecting a pump during a fire? It’s not as easy as people think.

What do you know about spray type, location, and what to spray?

What has been learned about pipes, hoses, knapsacks and mops?

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