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Get water ready: Tanks, pumps and sprinklers

Excellent coverage of tanks, sprayers and effectiveness of sprinklers. This is probably the best information I have ever received on this subject

Highlighting the difference in petrol and diesel pumps and why diesel pumps are better. The need to screen fire pumps from heat and embers

Brilliant, clear and informative presentation. Lots of good tips relating to pipe, tank and sprinkler materials, with evidence based examples. Justin is a wonderful presenter. Very knowledgeable

Answers to questions by Justin were superb. Specific responses to types of impact sprayers particularly useful

The types of water pumps and how they performed in extreme conditions very informative. different types of sprinkler heads and their placement was great information

Simple straight forward and clear commentary. No "fluffy stuff" just facts

Knowing that plastic lined metal tanks stand up well

Protecting pumps was especially helpful. The slides demonstrating this topic were great

It was all informative, but especially the evidence-based info that helped set context-relevant priorities and practical actions

Warnings about what has been shown to not work in real fires very useful. Comments about the large amount of water needed

Just listening to Justin Leonard and his wealth of knowledge and experience, he can answer every question

Great and relevant information exceptionally well delivered

Limited effectiveness of roof sprinklers

High impact sprinkler system around the house which I had not considered previously

Type, application, positioning and effectiveness of sprinklers

2021 Series Webinar 2

7.30pm Wednesday 4 August

Presenter: Justin Leonard CSIRO

  • Dr Justin Leonard, CSIRO
Key Segments

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Presentation 2

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