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Webinar Recordings 2020 Series

Get Bushfire Resilient – an interactive webinar series for residents living in rural areas and on the urban fringe of Nillumbik. What have previous disasters taught us? Learn from industry experts in five 90-minute sessions featuring representatives from CSIRO, the insurance industry, CFA, Nillumbik Shire Council, Cardinia Shire Council, Victorian Building Authority, and the University of Melbourne.

Get water ready: Tanks, pumps and sprinklers

Get water ready: tanks, pumps and sprinklers

Getting ready for an El Niño summer

Getting your insurance right

Getting your Insurance Right - Panel of Insurance Representatives

Grass fire and bushfire behavior

Horses and bushfire – what do we know?

How houses are destroyed by bushfires

How Houses are Destroyed by Bushfires

How to harden an existing house

How to Harden an Existing House

Make better decisions about bushfire risk in our changing climate

Make Better Decisions About Bushfire Risk in our Changing Climate

Pets and bushfires – what do we know?

Reduce your house and property risk

Reduce your house and property risk

Reducing risks for people and houses

Safety actions for the fire season

Triggers to take action

Triggers to take action

Understand your bushfire risk

Understanding rebuilding

Understanding Rebuilding - Panel of Planning and Recovery Representatives

Why get kids involved in the family bushfire plan

Your last resort options

Your physical and emotional preparation

Your physical and emotional preparation

Your sheltering options

Your sheltering options

Your vegetation – what you need to know

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