How climate change will affect bushfire risk and what actions you can take

Webinar Presentation 26 November 2020

Dr Kevin Tolhurst AM, University of Melbourne

What I’ve been asked to talk about is making better decisions about bushfire risk in our changing climate. And some of this is relevant, whether or not we can talk about changing climate or not. But the changing climate actually makes it more urgent and makes it actually a little more difficult.

So, I think the scope for improvement that we have includes being better informed about what might occur in our local area, and the saying, “Knowledge is power”, I think is quite appropriate here. So, coming along to webinars like this are important in terms of making sure we're asking the right questions, I suppose, and understanding where the answers might lie. The next question is how do we get better informed about what decisions and actions could make a difference. So, again, the webinar series is useful there.

Watch the full presentation…

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